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Mstat download

The current version is 8.0.1, which was released on 2/25/2024.

This version includes an update function that allows you to check for new versions of Mstat from within the program. Please report any bugs in the software by email to

Prior to installing Mstat, you should read the Platform specifics section of the help file to review system requirements.

Windows installation instructions

Although it is not required, before installing Mstat 8.0, you can uninstall (go to 'Add/Remove Programs' in the Control Panel) any earlier versions of the program (remember to copy any data files to a new directory). Download the file "Mstat80-Setup.exe" (see link below) to a temporary directory. To install Mstat, double-click on the file "Mstat80-Setup.exe" and follow the directions provided by the installer program. Note that this version of Mstat requires a 64-bit version of Windows. If you require a 32-bit version, see the Previous versions page. Installation by someone with Administrator rights will make the program available to all users. Although the program was developed on Windows 11, it will run on Windows version 10 as well. To start the program, choose Mstat 8.0 from your Start menu or double-click the icon on your desktop.

Download link:   Mstat version 8.0 for Windows (14.7 M)

Note: You may receive a "Publisher unknown" warning when you download or run the Mstat80-setup file. Simply click on the More information choice in the dialog and indicate that you wish to keep or run the application. Detailed instructions may be found here.

macOS installation instructions

Mstat 8.0 for macOS requires version 11 (Big Sur) or later of the operating system. The application includes universal binaries that will run natively on Apple M1 and Intel CPUs. For older versions of macOS (back to 10.13, High Sierra) see the Previous versions page.

To install the program, download the disk image file to your desktop. The disk image should open automatically (or double click it) and display a license file. Copy the Mstat folder to the Applications folder or your home directory. For convenience you can place the Mstat program in your dock. Be advised that the setting in Security and Privacy under the General tab must allow apps downloaded from both the App Store and identified developers.

Download link:   Mstat version 8.0 for macOS 11-14, 64-bit (35.1 M)

Note: You may need to right-click (control-click) and choose "Save link as" to download the files.

Linux installation instructions

Mstat 8.0 requires that the Qt libraries (version 5.12 or later) be installed on your system. The program was tested on Debian 11-12, Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04, and Linux Mint 21, but should run on other recent distributions. This version of Mstat requires a 64-bit OS. For a 32-bit version see the Previous versions page. To install the program, download the archive "mstat80.tar.xz" to your home directory and expand it to give the folder "mstat80". To run the program, open a terminal window, and enter "mstat80/mstat" or change to the mstat66 directory and enter "./mstat".

Download link:   Mstat version 8.0 for 64-bit Linux (5.2 M)

Note: Mstat requires several Qt libraries to run. For Debian, Ubuntu, and related, install qt5-default and libqt5svg5-dev. For other Linux distributions, see Linux Installation (follow instructions for the "slim" version of jqt).