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Mstat version history

Version 8.0.1 (2/2024)

  • New Features
    • Update to J 9.5 and Qt 6.5.3, 64-bit only on all platforms
    • macOS universal binaries run natively on Apple M1 and Intel hardware
    • Import entire tables from csv or tab-delimited files
    • Tests for differences in dispersion/variance for two and multiple samples
    • Random variates from negative binomial and Poisson distributions
  • Fixes
    • Better checking for contingency table validity
    • Improved random number generator

Version 7.0.1 (12/2020)

  • New Features
    • Update to J901 and Qt 5.12.10
    • Signed macOS app
    • Drag and Drop for multiple sample dialog
    • Ordered bar charts
    • Bayesian predictive values
  • Fixes
    • Fix pairsmp problem for floating bar chart
    • Fix bin data to reflect open upper bound for last category

Version 6.6.2 (3/2020)

  • Fixes
    • Fix for Wilcoxon with small n and heavy ties

Version 6.6.1 (3/2020)

  • New Features
    • Update to J807(e) and Qt 5.9.9
  • Fixes
    • Fix update function due to website move

Version 6.5.1 (5/2019)

  • New Features
    • Update to J807 and Qt 5.9.7
    • Rewrite plug-in function to allow script loading on the fly
    • Band plot data output
    • Easier access to terminal window

Version 6.4.2 (3/2018)

  • New Features
    • Update to Qt 5.9.4
  • Fixes
    • Fix for exact permutation test

Version 6.4.1 (2/2018)

  • New Features
    • Update to J806, Qt 5.9.3
    • Add xy band plot (quartiles and CI)
    • Add dual Y axis support to xy plots
    • Multiple variable rescale
    • Keep classify dialog open (similar to new variable)
    • Update to J806, Qt 5.9.3
  • Fixes
    • Make plot size stick when save plot file
    • Fix y axis tic locations
    • Fix random plug-in dialog
    • Fix linux default fonts

Version 6.3.2 (5/2017)

  • New Features
    • Option to treat blank as zero for imported variables

Version 6.3.1 (5/2017)

  • New Features
    • Update to J805 and Qt 5.6.2
    • Inverse Kaplan-Meier plot

Version 6.2.1 (7/2016)

  • New Features
    • Update to J804 and Qt 5.4.2
    • Import text files as ansi, utf-8, or utf-16
    • Wrap toggle for main window
    • More logging to output window
    • Import and export toolbar buttons
    • Prefix variable name for import
  • Fixes
    • Various minor bug fixes

Version 6.1.4 (6/2014)

  • Fixes
    • Fix various issues due to changes in listbox format, including Which test?

Version 6.1.2 (5/2014)

  • Fixes
    • Fix regression in file import

Version 6.1.1 (5/2014)

  • New features
    • Reorganize Windows install so program shortcuts behave
  • Fixes
    • Fix to which test
    • Show number of bootstrap trials for Kaplan-Meier output
    • Allow J notation in Edit variable dialog
    • Fix installs on non-English Windows
    • Fix update function

Version 6.0.1 (1/2014)

  • New features
    • Refactored to use Qt toolkit
    • 64-bit OSX version
    • Computation of adjusted p-values and false discovery rate for multiple comparisons
    • Improved approximation for normal tail probability
    • Explicitly set plot size from Modify Plot
  • Fixes
    • Stricter error-checking on user inputs

Version 5.5.7 (4/2013)

Note: versions 5.5.5 and 5.5.6 were for testing and not released.

  • New features
    • Expanded Wilcoxon exact test range (also for pairwise and multiple experiments)
    • Modified Wilcoxon null distribution to use Edgeworth approximation
  • Fixes
    • Fixed bug in csv import that occasionally failed to import last row

Version 5.5.4 (2/2012)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed bug in About dialog for OSX and linux

Version 5.5.3 (2/2012)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed error on Windows XP installations

Version 5.5.2 (1/2012)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed grouped bar plot colors for single value per group
    • Update function opened wrong web page for major update
    • Change version date handling, use ISO format in About box

Version 5.5.1 (1/2012)

  • New features
    • Add Barnard's exact test
    • Add Pairwise two sample tests
    • Uniform html help files across platforms
    • Improved font defaults for Windows 7
  • Fixes
    • Fix two-sided Fisher (bound by 1)
    • Fix wch to include Barnard's exact test
    • Convert zlib to cdecl under Win for consistency
    • Fix minor bug in update version checking
    • Fix bug in subtitle font size for power plots
    • Limit line style in regression plots to solid or dotted

Version 5.4.5 (3/2011)

  • Fixes
    • Fix error in Kaplan-Meier analysis when only one variable is defined.

Version 5.4.4 (12/2010)

  • Fixes
    • Fix adjustment for unequal block sizes in exact permutation test.

Version 5.4.3 (11/2010)

  • Fixes
    • Fix median survival estimation when final survival is 50% for Kaplan-Meier analysis.

Version 5.4.2 (9/2010)

  • Fixes
    • Fix sd placement for 'Grouped with sd' bar graphs
    • Disallow ';' in plot titles and axis captions (',' substituted)
    • Fixed update function under Windows XP

Version 5.4.1 (8/2010)

  • New features
    • Classify an Indicator variable by another Indicator
    • New plug-in for Barnard's exact test
    • Updated toolbar icons
  • Fixes
    • Fixed update function for 32-bit systems
    • Eliminate empty columns in imported table

Version 5.3.1 (6/2010)

  • New features
    • New automatic update function
    • Export variables as csv file
    • Pairwise plug-in
  • Fixes
    • Bug in importing compressed files on 64-bit Linux
    • Avoid "Failure to get java metrics" error on OSX
    • Failure to perform exact permutation test on multiple experiments when appropriate
    • Better behavior of modal dialogs on OSX and Linux
    • Bug in changing duplicate variable names when importing data

Version 5.21 (5/2010)

  • New features
    • Ability to import compressed (gzipped) delimited files
    • Improved responsiveness for large import tables
  • Fixes
    • Fix startup on Intel Mac OSX 10.4
    • Fix multiple expt to do Lehman if ties

Version 5.20 (1/2010)

  • New features
    • 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux
    • Set plot to black and white option
    • Plot multiple sample distributions
    • Allow open sympols for plots
    • Multiple colors in dot plots
    • Add one-sided logrank test
  • Fixes
    • Fix tie bug in signed rank test
    • Bring Modify Plot window to foreground if open
    • Fix axis label bug for plot without frame
    • Better defaults for minor tics
    • Fix bar color for histogram
    • Fix TAB bug in table entry
    • Fix multiple power curves bug for Fisher's exact test

Version 5.11 (9/2009)

  • Fixes
    • Fix for 64-bit OSX Snow Leopard

Version 5.10 (5/2008)

  • New features
    • Update to J 6.02
    • Optionally show censoring times on Kaplan Meier plots
  • Fixes
    • Fix axis bug for dot plots
    • Fix normal data bug for Wilcoxon sample size

Version 5.02 (2/2008)

  • Fixes
    • Fix pdf plot print bug for Acrobat
    • Disallow x,y as variable names

Version 5.01 (10/2007)

  • New features
    • Rewritten to J 6.01 base
    • Expand plot types to include bar, multiple x-y
    • Add controls for plot elements
    • Save plots in native, pdf, and eps formats
    • Compute and plot multiple discrete distributions
    • Families of power curves
    • Advanced preferences
    • Multiple variables for bin
  • Fixes
    • Indicator values can now contain spaces
    • Change variable name bug for import
    • Improved error checking for various dialogs

Version 4.01 (4/2004)

  • Fixes
    • Error in 2-sided p-values for Fisher's exact test
    • Fixed printing problems under Darwin and Linux
    • Allow tab in binomial confidence interval data window
    • Plot printing problems under Windows
    • Saving plots over existing file now works
    • Kaplan-Meier plot now extends to last censored obs.

Version 4.0 (3/2004)

  • New features
    • Kaplan-Meier survival analysis
    • Logrank test
    • Plots saved as (editable) PDF files
    • New versions for MacOSX and Linux

Version 3.21 (6/2002)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed error in Fisher sample size dialog that caused it to fail
    • Improved error checking on sample size dialogs

Version 3.2 (5/2002)

  • New features
    • New statistical methods include Goodness of fit test, Cochran- Armitage test, bootstrap confidence intervals, and a permutation test for multiple experiments
    • Sample size calculations for McNemar's test
    • Negative binomial and hypergeometric distributions added to design menu
    • Scratchpad for calculations using J notation
    • Extended format for data entry for variables in New Variable and Edit Variable dialogs (see help file)
    • Added Log(10) to transformations
  • Fixes
    • Fixed error in Fisher sample size dialog that caused it to fail
    • Improve error checking on sample size dialogs
    • Error checking on number of defined variables (caused regress to hang when fewer than two variables were defined)
    • Range checking for "p" in binomial distribution
    • Handling of improper variable names during data import
    • Activation of controls when "Range" enabled in Fisher and Wilcoxon sample size dialogs
    • Y labels inside axis when X<0 for plots
    • Moved all input validation code so dialogs stay open when data are in error
    • Show variable dialog now opens to first class with defined variables
    • Fixed tab order for various dialogs
    • Variances used for ratio are now unbiased estimates
    • Fixed duplicate keyboard shortcuts in menus
    • Deletion of indicator variables now works
    • Fixed parsing of values for Fisher sample size so that ".2" is interpreted as 0.2

Version 3.0 (8/2000)

  • New features
    • New statistical methods, including Spearman's rank correlation test, non-parametric test for parallelism, McNemar's test, and the Mantel-Haenszel test
    • Partitioning rxc tables may now be done using either the Chi-square statistic or the likelihood ratio statistic
    • Usability improvements (to facilitate repetetive operations) including persistence of choices in various dialog boxes and leaving the classify dialog open until explicitly dismissed
    • Editing of variable names
    • Allow changing of variable labels on dot plots
    • Plots are now printed or saved as the same size/shape shown on screen
    • Printer setup dialog box
    • Conversion of tables with ordinal categories to variables
    • Support for plug-ins to allow parsing or analysis of complex data sets
    • Help dialog for identifying appropriate statistical test
    • Help for all forms immediately accessible
  • Fixes
    • Fixed bug in two-sided Fisher's exact test the arose for some symmetrical tables
    • Escape from "About" dialog no longer hangs program
    • Variables consisting of a set of identical values are no longer misinterpreted to be tables
    • Corrections for tied values improved for Kruskal-Wallis test and Jonckheere-Terpstra test

Version 2.6 (10/1998)

  • New features
    • A new, indicator variable type that allows you to classify a set of observations in a regular variable into two or more subgroups (see the tutorial in the help file for details)
    • The help files are now accessible from the Help menu within the Mstat program
    • New help files to simplify navigation
    • Variable names may now contain an underscore (eg., Test_Var)
    • 'Descriptive' ('Analysis' menu) will now provide the range and the n-tiles for a variable
    • Multiple plot windows can now be open simultaneously
    • Different fonts may be used for the output window and for printing
  • Fixes
    • The import function ('Data' menu) now works properly
    • In table variables, the column of row names can now have an optional title
    • The plot functions were rewritten to insure identical behavior on the Mac and PC
    • Titles for Sample Size plots ('Design' menu) now show properly within the plot window
    • All child windows are now closed on exiting the program
    • Spaces are now allowed in file names for saving plots
    • Default preferences are used if Mstat.ini file is not present