Antibody Information


Our rather complete collection of MAbs (to prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA polymerases and transcription factors) has recently become available commercially from:

1202 Ann Street
Madison, WI 53713
phone: 608/260-8190



I'm sorry that my lab can no longer afford the time or expense of sending monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) out to all the very many scientists who would like to use them. However, we feel strongly that we have an obligation to see that our antibodies are available to the research community. As a result, I have recently licensed a large panel of useful transcription machinery-related MAbs to NeoClone through the University of Wisconsin's patenting and licensing organization. While I did not start NeoClone, I am working closely with them to ensure that they can provide you with high-quality products. NeoClone will be offering MAbs to E. coli RNA polymerase subunits and all seven E. coli sigma factors as well as MAbs to many of the yeast RNA polymerase II subunits and to the eukaryotic basal transcription factors, TFIIB, TBP, and the RAP30 subunit of TFIIF. Some of these MAbs are polyol-responsive MAbs that can be used for gentle immunoaffinity purification of labile multi-subunit complexes containing the antigen. Visit the NeoClone website to view the MAbs that are available and for more information. I hope NeoClone can satisfy your antibody needs. Let me know if you have any problem getting the MAbs.

Richard R. Burgess, Ph.D